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After working for Corporate America and running my own printing and graphic finishing business for 25+ years, I followed my heart and passion to the creative side of garment decorating.


I use different dyes and preparations for my garments, I strip color out, add color back in, and layer dyes. I use different fabrics and make up styles in darks and lights to achieve the looks I want. I use a variety of banding styles and techniques. Also, I am focused on over-dyeing – starting with a color and dyeing over it multiple times to get beautiful deep rich colors. I have similar styles in different colors because every garment is personalized since every dye batch is unique.


As for my dye process: my garments are tied with bands or string, soaked in a material to help make the fabric color absorbent. Then I mix a color and do a test to make sure it cures and how much shrinkage I am going to get. I add color by dipping it in the dye, or stripping color out and then adding it back in, or applying it in specific areas. The dye gets 24 hours to cure, then it is un-banded and washed in a solution and rinsed until the water runs clear. Everything I make is hung to dry. the testing process takes me a couple of days, and if I use multiple processes it’s a couple of days for each one. Then I have to re-size the patterns for shrinkage before they are cut & sewn.


I do sew myself, but my time is limited so I make sample patterns small to large & do the re-size for the plus patterns XL to 3X myself. I also sew one of a kind pieces and several of my designs have lace patch inserts incorporated in them, some black, some white and some cotton to change to the color I am dyeing in. Moreover, I make a couple of items that have a screen print on them and I am also working on looking for a new design to print on my patch top. I love Rayon fabric and I can’t find it in prints any more – so I am going to make my-own, stay tuned for that one.


What makes my line different from the rest is my use of colors, the fit and the soft fabrics I use. I am currently making sizes Small to 3X. I am flattered to say my styles appeal to a broad age range and I am still having a pleasure making them!

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